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Ontario’s Sunshine List 2017: All the ways you never thought you could make $100,000 a year

From lunchroom supervisor to janitor to caribou conservationist, the public sector jobs they never told you in careers class you could earn six-figures at

The Sunshine list keeps on growing. But it’s not the executives who steal the spotlight for their scaled salaries. Instead, it’s the incredibly wide range of gigs that Ontarians are occupying that brings this list out into the spotlight. These are not the jobs they told you about in careers class.

Janitor: Michael Osso at Ontario Power Generation, earning 105,562.17

Manager, Caribou Conservation: Hilary Gignac at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, earning $103,859.63

Stage carpenter:

 Will Sutton at Ryerson University, earning 102,818.48

Utility Person “A”: Jeff Cline at the City of Kitchener, earning $117,536.43

Manager, Parliamentary Protocol: John Anderson at the Legislative Assembly, earning $102,482.49

Manager, 89 Chestnut residence: Paul Readings at the University of Toronto, earning $135,061.06

Ethicist: Paula Majorie Chidwick at William Osler Health System, earning $161,908.38 (That’s the highest of any medical ethicist in Ontario)

Manager, Non-Bargaining Job Evaluation Initiatives: Anna Li Preti at the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, earning $112,719.73

Executive Director, Gift-Planning: Karen Bertrand at the University of Toronto, earning $164,738.23

Manager of Basic Training: Charlotte Primeau at the Collège Boréal, earning $118,146.08

Microsoft Domain Administration: Mayuresh Wagle at Legal Aid Ontario, earning $105,994.78

Transit Body Person: Rob Martin at the Regional Municipality of Durham, earning $101,528.26

Petrographer: Carole A. MacDonald at the Ministry of Transportation, earning $102,631.10 (A petrographer is someone who studies the subtle details in rocks)

Vascular Access Coordinator: Darya Zevart at the William Osler Health System, earning $106,793.76

General Machinist: Mark Hao at the Toronto Transit Commission, earning $104,712.50

Polygraph Examiner: Stephen Coburn at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, earning $140,602.22 (That’s the highest salary of the province’s three examiners)

Translator: Jean-Yves Asselin at Laurentian University, earning $105,556.65

Editor-in-Chief, Rotman Management Magazine: Karen Christensen of the University of Toronto, earning $170,529.32

This post was edited to show that Wai Loo, working for the TDSB, is a learning coach and teacher, not a lunchroom supervisor. The edit reflects a data input error in the Public Sector Salary Disclosure.

Originally published on The National Post.

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