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Ontario Power Generation janitor makes more than $100,000, nearly double his base salary

Osso’s salary isn’t quite as attainable as OPG would like to make it appear

Michael Osso is a janitor for Ontario Power Generation and, according to the Sunshine List, he took home a salary of $105,562.17 in 2016. 

However, Osso’s salary isn’t quite as attainable as OPG would like to make it appear. It suggests that with the help of a couple of extra shifts and a healthy work ethic, anyone lucky enough to be within the OPG ranks can bring home the big bucks.

Upon further investigation, that is not exactly the case. “Osso is an OPG janitor who is also a trained and qualified radiation technician,” said Neal Kelly, a spokesperson for OPG. “For parts of 2016 he was filling in in that role.”

Osso nearly doubled his base salary of $54,000. “He earned additional income while working as a radiation technician and he earned that income with overtime pay, outage premiums and shift and weekend premiums,” Kelly said.

According to OPG, radiation technicians spend their time performing safety checks, measuring safe radiation levels and a variety of other manual and administrative tasks.

Often shifts at OPG are 8, 10, or 12 hours, making overtime hours a frequent and attainable goal.

The Power Workers’ Union would not comment on the subject.

Originally published on The National Post.

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